About Ann


In my early twenties, my mom gave me a gift card for a Swedish massage at a local luxury spa and my experience there completely changed my life. The room was pleasantly dim, the table was warm and cozy, the therapist was kind, confident, and skilled. When I left, I felt better than ever before! Since then, I’ve received many massages- some great, some not great at all. I appreciate knowing the difference.

I enrolled in massage school shortly after that experience, and when I started receiving regular massage I learned firsthand the healing power of touch therapy. While I developed a deeper understanding of myself, my friends were all telling me that I was much more calm, more present, and just generally happy! My body had finally begun to feel like home. 

After five years of working in spas and clinics I needed some continuing education to fulfill Oregon’s licensing requirements, and I found a class in Ortho-Bionomy at the Ashland Institute of Massage. That day, once again, changed my life. After receiving about fifteen minutes of work from a student, my neck felt better than it had ever felt before. Not just better, but different! It felt to me like every tiny fiber had had a chance to reset itself, and I could feel a range of motion I had never had access to before. That day, I began the journey that would lead me through hundreds of hours of study so I could provide that deeply balancing work to my clients.

My intention is that by honoring the innate human capacity to heal I can help create space for deep changes. I do my work in a judgement-free environment; all bodies are welcome. I am not here to fix you, because you are not broken. I am here to accept you just as you are today, in your perfectly imperfect, deeply intelligent human body. 

Life Quotes


“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”  -Anna Quindlen

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” -Lily Tomlin 

The Hidden Springs Wellness Center


Tucked away in the center of southern Ashland is the beautiful Hidden Springs Wellness Center. Here, over a dozen practitioners offer a variety of wellness services ranging from talk therapy and counseling, massage therapy, physical therapy, colon hydrotherapy, personal training, skincare services, and memory care. The grounds are gorgeous, the fully equipped gym has a sauna, and a big beautiful circular room with a tranquil garden view is available to rent for classes or workshops. Truly, the Hidden Springs Wellness Center is a secret garden of healing, relaxation, and personal growth.

From their website- “We are a group of doctors, therapists, coaches and wellness practitioners, dedicated to assisting and empowering your well-being. Our intention is to foster personal, community and global wellness.”

By booking an appointment with Ann or any of the other practitioners, you can come enjoy a visit to this truly special spot!

Office policies

Time and money are valuable resources, and maintaining clear boundaries is vital to a successful therapeutic relationship. These policies apply to every single client, no exceptions.

Paying for your session

Handling money can be stressful. In order to minimize the impact of financial stress on the therapeutic process, all transactions must be conducted before services are rendered. On-line prepayment is encouraged. Ann’s Hands accepts cash, check, or credit card. In the event that a check is returned, a $20 fee will be added to the outstanding balance.

Late arrivals

Life can be hectic and unforeseen events can trip us up. I will always do my best to accommodate clients who are a few minutes late and get them their full session, but please be aware that that might not be possible. If a session must be shortened due to the client being late, the full price of the session is still due. To be sure that you receive every minute of your service, please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time.


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel an appointment on the same day, you may be charged a $20 cancellation fee. If you miss your appointment without giving notice, you may be charged for half the cost of your session, and in the future will be required to prepay with a credit card in order to secure an appointment.


Your privacy is important, and is taken seriously. You may or may not choose to talk during the session. All personal and medical information will be kept strictly confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a massage?

We’ll start by discussing your needs, making a plan for the session, and answering any questions you may have so you know what to expect as the time progresses. Then I’ll leave the room and wash my hands while you disrobe in privacy and get comfortable on the table. I’ll knock and wait for your answer before I come in. During the session you will remain draped with a sheet at all times, with only the area I’m currently working on uncovered. Pure jojoba oil, blended with essential oils of your choice, will be applied to your skin as your body is kneaded, pressed, stroked, and rhythmically tapped. Steamed towels and hot stones are used to warm and relax. Gentle compression over the blanket incorporates areas often skipped in larger spas, such as the gluteal muscles, lower ribs, sternum, and belly. If you like, deep tissue techniques may be used to target any areas you feel need particular attention. You have complete control of your comfort, and massage is most effective when you are relaxed, so I will check in from time to time to find out if I need to adjust anything like the lighting, music, pressure, or temperature. Once the session is complete, I will let you know that we are finished and leave the room, allowing you privacy as you sit up, notice how you feel in your body, stand up slowly, and re-dress. Once you’re ready, you can meet me outside the treatment room to get some water, schedule your next appointment, and ask any questions that came up for you.

Do you do deep tissue?

There is no agreed upon definition for the term “Deep Tissue,” so when folks ask for it I try to get a good understanding of what their goals are and how they would like to feel, both during and after the session. I can offer very firm pressure if that is desired, and I can also slow my pace and incorporate techniques which target the deeper layers of the body. Some techniques are gentle while some can feel quite intense. It all depends on your specific goals and needs and what you want your session to feel like.

What kind of music do you play?

It depends on client preference. Some folks enjoy an assortment of beautiful instrumental music, others like more subdued tones, white noise, or nature sounds. Some prefer to relax in silence or even bring their own music.

What kind of massage oil do you use?

I use pure jojoba oil. I find that it offers the perfect balance between glide and grip, absorbs well, and leaves skin feeling soft.

Is your oil scented?

It can be, if you like! I wouldn’t ever apply scented oil without my clients consent, as there are folks out there with allergies and sensitivities who can’t tolerate scented products. There are certainly lots of people who really like aromatherapy, so I offer it for free for those who want it. I just add a few drops of the preferred essential oil to the jojoba oil I normally use.

Do you talk a lot during your sessions?

A great massage should be a peaceful, relaxing, experience. Most of my clients prefer to stay quiet, breathe deeply, and perhaps drift off to sleep. For some folks, I’ve found that talking helps them relax and feel safe during their session, so I always follow the clients lead. If you like to chat, feel free to do so and I will follow suit. If you prefer quiet, know that I will never initiate conversation during your session unless it is relevant to the bodywork you are receiving. I may ask you to take a deep breath, or check in regarding the pressure, but once you’re on the table I’ll never ask you how your day is going unless you ask me first.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

This is always entirely up to you and your comfort, and I will work over any garments you choose to wear. If you prefer to keep all your clothes on, I’ll use techniques that don’t have to be done on bare skin in order to feel fantastic! If you want to wear your undies, I’ll ask your permission to tuck the sheet under the hem in order to protect the fabric from any oils. If you want to take it all off, that’s perfectly fine! You will be lying under a soft sheet and blanket, which will be carefully folded and tucked to uncover only the areas receiving hands-on work. That’s right, no drafts!

How often should I get a massage?

It depends on your needs! Some people have the time and resources to receive a massage every couple weeks, others choose to come once or twice a year. I personally try to receive massage or bodywork twice a month.

Do you offer any advice or healthcare education after your sessions?

Most of the education you receive from me is a natural part of touch therapy. What better way to learn about your own shoulder blades than to feel someone move them for you, and gently, thoroughly massage the muscles and tissues which attach to them? We learn best when we feel great, so receiving touch therapy is a wonderful way to learn about your own body. Occasionally I will offer some optional activities, such as recommendations for helpful movements related to our session, or exercises you can do to increase your well being, but these are ALWAYS OPTIONAL. Your everyday healthcare practice should be fun, and it should feel good, because that’s how you know that it’s good for you!

What is your stance on sexuality and massage?

Sexuality is such a huge and challenging topic in our society, and opportunities to receive wholesome, non-sexual touch can be few and far between. I never touch or expose genital or breast tissue during a session. Anyone asking if I do sex work will be educated as to what a professional therapeutic massage is, and should they persist in requesting sex work they will be asked to leave.